we could go on and on about Crossfit Fareham and the amazing results our members have achieved, but we thought it would be much better if they told you themselves…

Here is just a small selection of some of the incredible transformations we’ve helped our members accomplish. From all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds, we’re incredibly proud of these athletes and the part we have played in their CrossFit journey. You can hear more from our members on our Facebook community page.


I have loved every minute of my CrossFit journey. Love my CFF family and all the support, love and banter. Couldn’t imagine life without this place 💪❤ Have met the most amazing people and made the greatest of friends. The coaches have all been incredible throughout my journey and the extra support I have received from my PT Mischa, has been a real game changer. I cant wait to carry on this path and see what the next few years bring me 💪😝

CFF Member

Massively chuffed with losing 5% body fat. The fact I’ve been able to maintain muscle and start losing fat I never thought I could shift, whilst still enjoying food has been a game changer. At the beginning my Nutrition Coach Mischa reminded me to “own it” and not feel guilty, enjoy food without over indulging and if you do slip up that’s ok. Just get back on it! We are human and imperfect actions are better than perfect inaction.

Alex Buck

Not only did I find CrossFit Fareham, I found a community/family. I have lost weight and discovered my passion for fitness. At CrossFit Fareham, I have seen just how far I can push myself am doing things I thought were never possible. I have learned to fail without being a failure.

The coaches at CrossFit Fareham are absolutely amazing and inspiring. They all push you to run faster, lift heavier, and always do one more, all with the best and safest form possible.

James Hopkins

I have only been training at CFF for 6 months but have loved every second. Every day is a gains day with my new extended family. A great place to lift big weights without the big egos.

Lori Elgar

CrossFit has made a huge difference to my life. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to training now. My biggest result was having my BioSignature done with Neil. He explained exactly how I should be eating and where I have been going wrong in my diet. Since following his advice my tummy has flattened and I have a new lease of life. Thank you boys so much for making me what I am today.

Steve Robson

Don’t be scared to come in and talk to the team here. You talk, they listen. They coach, you learn. (You’ll surprise yourself). You work hard and you get fit. You do all this with the support of the great Coaches and a wonderful community (aged between 7-70, all shapes, all sizes) who fast become friends. Crossfit really is for everyone. I lost 10kgs of fat and replaced it with 10kgs of muscle; and all with a smile on my face and surrounded by people I now consider good friends.

Ian McLaren

The coaching team at CFF are excellent, they are always on hand providing advice, guidance and encouragement and are genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. I do three or four classes a week and am now probably the fittest I have ever been. The Workout of the Day (or WOD) is different every day so it never gets boring and you are constantly being challenged in new ways.

Alan Harvey

I’ve been a member for a year now, which has gone past like the wind. I train three times a week and totally enjoy my sessions. I find the centre terrific and this goes for the staff also, who run the place so well. Nothing is any trouble for them; they’re always on hand with advice when needed. My granddaughter, Romanie, who is six years old, attends the CrossFit Kids class and really enjoys every session.

Amanda Holloway

Join CF Fareham… not only is there an abundance of semi-naked men on a daily basis, but you will also become stronger, fitter and be able to do all the things you missed out doing in childhood such as skipping and walking on your hands. Seriously… love the gym, coaches, training and people… no other gym like it.

Iga Millard

For the last 10 years my fitness activity level was up and down and so was my weight, mood and self-esteem. That’s all changed since I started CrossFit. The coaches are some of the most committed and passionate people I’ve ever met and other members warm and friendly. Everyone made me feel at home straight away. It’s their encouragement and support that makes CFF such an amazing place.

Joe Gamblin

In my time at CFF I have seen more results than I ever did with my old mindless workouts. My body has changed beyond my expectations; I have lost weight and gained muscle, I now have the slim, toned shape that I have always wanted. Matt has inspired and supported me throughout and I would recommend Matt and CrossFit to anyone who is looking to make a positive transformation to their lives and body.

Ryan Coolahan

Whilst in a search for meaning after graduating, I found it amongst people I’d never met who have now become a family. I have grown as a person from the lessons I have learnt from the mere year of being a member and am excited for the lessons to come.

Darren Halls

The guys at CFF clearly know their stuff. If I need some guidance in any of the exercises, they are always eager to explain or show me the right way to perform them. I have achieved a lot of personal goals in the short time I’ve been a member at CFF and there is a really great atmosphere to work out in, with loads of friendly people to share the CrossFit experience with!

Marilyn Baker

I wanted to be a member of somewhere where you felt valued. CFF has a family feeling about it, a closeness that you just don’t get anywhere else.  Like many people I wanted to lose weight and improve my abdominal definition and now I no longer feel defined by my age. When outside no one can guess that I can lift decent amounts weights and do chin-ups at the age of 51. I like that.

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