Welcome to CrossFit Fareham

CrossFit Fareham is Hampshire’s most successful CrossFit box designed to suit all athletes from beginners through to advanced competitors.

Our Vision


Our Mission

To provide a complete package of effective and accessible fitness and wellbeing services, delivered within a top class facility by highly qualified and inspiring professionals.

Our Values

Passion — We love what we do and it shows.
Integrity — We practice what we preach and follow up on our promises.
Community — We work together as a team and family to achieve our shared vision.

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World Class Coaches and facilities

Our coaches don’t just know about CrossFit – they live it and breathe it, you can be confident that every class will be coached in a professional way and in a world-class facility.


Focused on our members

At CrossFit Fareham, YOU are our number one priority. Everything about what we do reflects this – our programming, tidy facility, quality equipment and excellent coaches are all a result of our desire to provide the best service to our clients.


The best crossfit training in Hampshire

We believe we offer the best service in the county. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the training you receive at CrossFit Fareham that we are offering a FREE trial week for you to come along and check us out. So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose.

What is Crossfit?


With constantly varied movements and activities, CrossFit is not just another boring gym fad,
CrossFit is a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because CrossFit coaches people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment.

Step one:

Free Trial Week

Enjoy 3 FREE training sessions and see if CrossFit is for you. With classes running throughout the day simply pick a slot and Sign Up!

STEP two:

Fundamentals Classes

Want to kick start your CrossFit training? Our fundamentals classes teach you all the fundamental movements of CrossFit, putting you on the road to success! Classes run 5 times a week and you can join in the rolling programme at any time. Visit our Membership page for all our membership options.

STEP three:

CrossFit Classes

Hungry for more? Once you are able to competently perform all the fundamental movements then you are ready for our mainstream CrossFit classes. Boom- you’re hooked.

Like what you see? Enjoy A FREE TRIAL WEEK and see if CrossFit is for you

Our Team

Being a CrossFit coach is the greatest job in the world. Day in, day out, we’re charged with the responsibility of changing lives. Every day our members entrust us with their fitness, health, and future, we never take this trust lightly and we always remember that being a coach is a position of responsibility and service, not of privilege and power. Every coach at CrossFit Fareham adheres to the CrossFit Coaches Creed principles, as all our members should expect.

Our Members

There is simply no gym like CrossFit Fareham. It has really opened up my eyes to how much fun REAL training can be. Since following Matt’s advice, my tummy has flattened and I have a new lease of life. Thank you so much for making me what I am today.

Lori Elgar

I have only been training at CFF for 6 months but have loved every second. Every day is a gains day with my new extended family. A great place to lift big weights without the big egos.

James Hopkins

The coaching team at CrossFit Fareham are excellent, they are always on hand providing advice, guidance and encouragement and are genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals.

Ian McLaren

Like what you see? Enjoy a free TRIAL WEEK and see if CrossFit is for you