we could go on and on about Crossfit Fareham and the amazing results our members have achieved, but we thought it would be much better if they told you themselves…

Here is just a small selection of some of the incredible transformations we’ve helped our members accomplish. From all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds, we’re incredibly proud of these athletes and the part we have played in their CrossFit journey. You can hear more from our members on our Facebook community page.

Josh Hammond

Since joining CFF I have completely changed bad habits that developed over the years. Eating healthy and training regularly have changed me from someone that couldn’t run 400m, to completing a full WOD five weeks later. The support you get from other members, coaches and anyone that’s around is immense. I cannot thank everyone enough. It’s not just a gym or a diet, it’s a lifestyle and one for the better!

Sam Weston

A few friends were going on about Crossfit, so I figured I ought to go and see what all the fuss was about. I was pleased to hear that there was a ladies-only class and there was a free trial. I was a bit anxious but I needn’t have worried. Over a year later and I love the changes that I can see happening to my body and it’s making me more confident too.

Hayley beard

When I started training my goals were simple to get fit, lose weight and improve my overall fitness for golf. I always knew I was strong for a girl basically I love the lifting part of CrossFit and realised it’s ok to be strong and be female. This time a year ago I couldn’t even finish a WOD or run 200 yards…now I’m taking part in house comps. The coaches at CFF made this happen for me…

Ian McLaren

The coaching team at NMA are excellent, they are always on hand providing advice, guidance and encouragement and are genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. I do three or four classes a week and am now probably the fittest I have ever been. The Workout of the Day (or WOD) is different every day so it never gets boring and you are constantly being challenged in new ways.

Lucy Miller

CrossFit has given me confidence to believe in myself, that if I work hard I can accomplish anything I put my mind and body to. Everyone is so friendly, encouraging and motivating which really makes a difference to your performance! I don’t see CrossFit as a chore like I used to with other exercise, it’s now become an enjoyable hobby of mine. It’s such a fun and rewarding way to be fit & healthy and is so addictive!

Sarah Hayward

At the start I didn’t really have a goal, I just wanted to get fit and enjoy exercise again. As time went on I started to think I’d really like to reduce my body fat so the guys at CFF helped me tailor my workouts to accommodate my new goal. Crossfit is addictive! Your fitness will massively increase, your body shape will change, you’ll get stronger, and you’ll certainly meet new friends!

Iga Millard

For the last 10 years my fitness activity level was up and down and so was my weight, mood and self-esteem. That’s all changed since I started CrossFit. The coaches are some of the most committed and passionate people I’ve ever met and other members warm and friendly. Everyone made me feel at home straight away. It’s their encouragement and support that makes CFF such an amazing place.

Joe Gamblin

In my time at CFF I have seen more results than I ever did with my old mindless workouts. My body has changed beyond my expectations; I have lost weight and gained muscle, I now have the slim, toned shape that I have always wanted. Matt has inspired and supported me throughout and I would recommend Matt and CrossFit to anyone who is looking to make a positive transformation to their lives and body.

Tracy Mason

I had an issue with my shoulder which restricted movement and caused a lot of pain while I was doing anything overhead, so I decided to see a Sports Massage Therapist at CFF. I had heard that sports massage, even though healing, can also be quite painful. However, my first appointment was great, I felt that even after one session my shoulder had a much better range of motion and my training was almost pain-free.

Darren Halls

The guys at CFF clearly know their stuff. If I need some guidance in any of the exercises, they are always eager to explain or show me the right way to perform them. I have achieved a lot of personal goals in the short time I’ve been a member at CFF and there is a really great atmosphere to work out in, with loads of friendly people to share the CrossFit experience with!

Lori Elgar

CrossFit has made a huge difference to my life. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to training now. My biggest result was having my BioSignature done with Neil. He explained exactly how I should be eating and where I have been going wrong in my diet. Since following his advice my tummy has flattened and I have a new lease of life. Thank you boys so much for making me what I am today.

Marilyn Baker

I wanted to be a member of somewhere where you felt valued. CFF has a family feeling about it, a closeness that you just don’t get anywhere else.  Like many people I wanted to lose weight and improve my abdominal definition and now I no longer feel defined by my age. When outside no one can guess that I can lift decent amounts weights and do chin-ups at the age of 51. I like that.

Alan Harvey

I’ve been a member for a year now, which has gone past like the wind. I train three times a week and totally enjoy my sessions. I find the centre terrific and this goes for the staff also, who run the place so well. Nothing is any trouble for them; they’re always on hand with advice when needed. My granddaughter, Romanie, who is six years old, attends the CrossFit Kids class and really enjoys every session.

Jann Staines

Seven years ago I had surgery for a replacement knee in my left leg. Needless to say there were hardly any muscles worth mentioning. It was a painful process but Matt gave me the confidence to keep going. I would never have believed that seven years later I would have nearly normal muscles in my left leg and be lifting weights that I would never have dreamed about doing years ago!

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