Fat Loss

There are many paths to Fat loss, the trick is knowing which approach to use and at what time. At CrossFit Fareham we leave nothing to chance.

Sports science has shown that when you combine the right type of training with a healthy diet you lose weight.

At CrossFit Fareham we use tried, tested and effective methods of exercise for Fat Loss. CrossFit, Modified Strongman Training and Traditional Weight Training will challenge your current level of fitness and create a massive metabolic disturbance which leaves your metabolism elevated for several hours post-workout, effectively turning you into a fat burning machine. What’s even better is that all of our classes can be tailored or scaled to your own individual levels of Strength, Flexibility and Fitness.

To complement your training, our in-house nutritional experts will help you understand what to eat, when to eat and why to support your fat loss goals, after all you cannot out train a bad diet! Regular assessments and advice sessions also help keep you accountable and on track, measuring your Body composition (BioSignature Modulation) allows us to infer many more valuable information, such as sleep quality and quantity, Hormone balance, toxicity and gut issues which can all become road blocks to a successful fat loss attempt.

With all of this information in hand the process of getting you healthier, leaner and detoxified can begin.

Contact Matt to learn more

Call 07870 406 466, email matt@crossfitfareham.co.uk or pop down and see the box for yourself. We’re at Unit 2, Kiln acre business Park, Wickham Road, Fareham, PO16 7JS.